Cartoons by JORHN


The year 2010 is drawaing to a close, looking back I found these cartoons I made for lack of a better way of expressing myself .

I want to participate in the conversation. I want to discuss what the current practices in industrial agriculture are.

I believe we live in a time where we have the technology and heart to meet supply demands humanly and ethically.  Around the same time I wrote the following;

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this because I have become aware that our health and quality of life are in danger. We have been deceived by omission and I believe our Government should have a mandate and laws to protect us from this threat.

Labels on foods omit important information. For some time now a good percentage of our major crops have been cultivated using a new untested genetically engineered technology. The technology is ahead of the development of laws to protect us so without our knowledge and consent, we have been sold and have consumed these products. We are being kept in the dark about the very fuel that builds every cell of every tissue in our bodies. This is not selective breeding, the procedure involves taking a gene from one species and inserting it into another.

There are several problems that arise from this manipulation; in fact the U.S. Association of Physician and Surgeons has called for a moratorium on these products because there is now scientific evidence that shows a clear link between genetically modified foods and adverse health effects. There are many places in the world GMO’s are not welcome and this year India banned genetically modified/ engineered organisms completely. Currently, there are no laws on the books for mandatory labelling in Canada.

Do you believe you should be able to read a food label and trust that all the ingredients are listed?

Do you believe that a company has a duty to disclose all the ingredients and chemicals used in the growing and processing of that food?

Do you believe that you have a right to know and choose what you consume.

With Peace & Love


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