DOG FOOD DEMYSTIFIED, part 3: Commercial Dog Food

Today I am looking at common ingredients found in dog food. What are the source of these ingredients? How are they processed and do they respect the biological needs of our canine companions. Dogs eat the left overs and anything else they find! It is natural that Dog Food is made of all by-products of processing human food. So for those of you who’ve been told human food isn’t for pets, just ask yourself, what’s the difference and what’s better quality? What does this say about the way the foods we eat are grown and processed? Dogs now have ‘human’ diseases, is it from eating our left overs?

In the first 2 articles I showed how canines have evolved by hanging around humans, hunting, scavenging and begging food.  They eat a diet of both raw and cooked animals and plants. I’ve often seen dogs enjoying apples and various plant foods, have you? The main purpose of plant foods seems to be fiber to aid digestion since dogs  digest carbohydrates only through their livers. High carbohydrate diets burden the liver and can lead to liver disease in some cases. Commercial pet food or home ‘waste’, what seems better quality to you?

COMMON INGREDIENTS of commercial Pet Food

Corn, corn gluten meal, Wheat, Beet Pulp, Vegetable Oil, Brewer’s Rice, Rice Bran,Oats, Egg Product,  meat meal, bone meal, meat by-products, and Animal fat.


The ingredients in dog food are Not fit for human consumption, that means the animal parts can come from 4D animals:, Diseased, Dead, Disabled and Dying. So the pet food companies are great at recycling! That’s not a bad thing considering a dogs physiology is designed to handle rot and bacteria, is it? We will find out…Keep in mind, companies will source ingredients from the cheapest suppliers so they can come from anywhere in the world. Quality control is an issue with commercial pet food, there have been many pet food recalls that substantiate that fact.  For a moment let’s digest the facts…

Animal Processing Methods: Once raw materials are obtained they are processed by rendering. Please see my article, Cosmetics and Animal Rendering for the details.


Did anyone alse notice Beet Pulp is new? Monsanto planted it’s first sugar beet crops around 2008. The Beet pulp that is being slipped into our dogs food is a new GMO crop. This crop has not been tested for long-term health issues.

Corn: Grown in INDIA, Common GMO crop

Corn Gluten Meal: Used as a ‘binder’. It can originate internationally. Commonly from CHINA.

Plant Processing Methods:



Packaging and shelf life

In conclusion, when comparing the dogs evolutionary diet vs commercial dog food it is blatantly obvious that the two do not match. Home sourced food is better because we can control the quality and it matches the evolutionary diet of dogs. Myth-Busted! There are great people starting small businesses that supply prepared dog food but there is no reason not to include home-sourced foods in your dogs diet. Avoid feeding your dog spices and beware: Chocolate and Onions can kill a dog!

Commercial dog food is not an appropriate food because:

1. A Dogs jaws open and close for ripping and tearing flesh. They are not designed to chew crunchy kibble bits. ***Wait does that crunchy texture scratch the esophagus? Imagine eating dry cereal, coated in oil.

2. A Dogs evolutionary diet involves a percentage of both raw and cooked foods. Their digestion is not designed to handle commercial dog food processed at 500 degrees. Is there any nutrition left to absorb?

3. Current food processing methods destroy nutrients & enzymes vital for disease free bodies and clear minds.





Available options include recipes for home prepared diets, cooked and raw, individually designed and balanced for your dog, according to the newest nutritional guidelines of the National Research Council (2006).–everything.html


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