Fostering Velvet

Photo: Meet Doly and Velvet.. they're also in need of a foster home.. what a cutie are they??

I was on facebook when I saw this pic posted by Dogway Dog Rescue Society. The little girl in the bottom pic, caught my attention and I contacted the rescue. It was less than a week from the time I met with Lucy from Dogway Dog Rescue Society  and Velvet was placed with me.

Monday, April 8th

Newly named, Velvet is a Chihuahua/ Dachshund mix from Devore Shelter in California.

Day 1; Lucy, from  arrived with Velvet at 5:30.

In order for you to understand how far she’s come, you need to knnow where she’s been. When I met Velvet she was shell-shocked. Just stunned from her experience everything was overwhelming. She just froze, refused to walk.  Velvets automatic response to touch was to tuck her tail between her legs and shake.

This is Velvet having a rest after dinner, a walk and a bath. She would refuse to walk through doorways and up or down stairs. She stunk after her weeks confined in a kennel. It is fascinating to learn her story through her fear and tendencies.

Velvet saw the couch and jumped up without hesitation. So in her old home she was allowed on the couch. She will pee on the carpet even if a potty pad is near but she will do it on the bathroom rug rather than in the living room.

Walking is the best stress reliever,  so first thing the next day we were out and about. I brought a carry bag for Velvet but she was o.k walking most of the time. Once in a while she’ll freeze and back-up on the verge of a freak-out but all I have to do to calm her is bend down look her in the eyes softly and call her with my hand out. She relaxes & runs to me every time.

It’s so nice to see her tail! Here she is feeling better about walking.

That night she wolfed down her dinner and slept soundly.

Here we are 48 hours later and her tail is out most of the time. She’s feeling much better and loves chin wuzzles!

Photo: Foster: Velvet, enjoying a chin wuzzle.

Good dog, needs basic obedience training and socialization with cats. She was very timid at the dog park and did not run & play YET! Thanks to Dogway Dog Rescue Society for saving this little girls life.


She is very interested in the cat and will run at him & poke him with her nose. She needs to learn a gentle approach.

 I take her out every 2-4 hours because she is not house trained and will do her ‘business’ inside. Being from Cali, she has no experience with rain so when it’s raining, I have to carry her to a sheltered spot under the bridge where she can relive herself with out getting wet.

Going through doorways and taking stairs was a challenge, she still hesitates but with patience she is gaining confidence. She can’t be rushed, nor picked-up all the time. She needs to take her time & we need to encourage her to walk through her fear and see she is safe with us.

Velvet is gaining weight and feeling great!

Tuesday April 16th, 2013

Velvet says, enough walking, time to relax & soak-up some sun!

Rainy days arrived and Velvet is now confident in our territory so I decided to show her rain is just fine and sometimes fun! She really appreciates the towel dry rub after.

Velvet has made so much progress, she’s walking out the door enthusiastically and stairs are not a problem anymore .Some big doors still scare her but she trusts me to not close it on her. There’s a certain way I need to approach it. I have her leash in my right hand & use my left to open the door, without hesitation, move through the doorway.

I am seeing signs of pregnancy; She cleans herself often and 3 days ago I noticed a clear vaginal discharge had begun. Her nipples have grown so has her belly. She doesn’t have the energy for our long walks like when she first arrived and she is content to sleep and eat as much as possible. She is feeling confident and has begun marking her territory on our block. She squats differently when she is relieving herself, when she’s marking she aims higher & lifts a leg.

She’s off to the Vet tomorrow with Lucy, if she is indeed pregnant then her new adoptive family will have to wait. I figure she is about 5 weeks pregnant, half-way, that would make her due May 15th.




2 Comments to “Fostering Velvet”

  1. I hope she finds a great home.

  2. So nice to be able follow Velvet’s story

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