DOG FOOD DEMYSTIFIED, part 2: Historical Relationship

What was the benefit humans to have dogs around and viceversa?  They are known as, “Man’s best friend”, they sound the alarm in case of trouble, they eat all the stuff that would otherwise rot and cause disease and, they are good company. Dogs are not the offspring of wolves. Wolves and Dogs are the evolutionary branches coming from a common, prehistoric ancestor. It looks like humans and canines have lived together for about 33 000 to 100 000 years.

Here’s what I have come to understand after studying the evidence. It is my understanding Canines are opportunist predators. Somewhere over 100 000 years ago the ancestor of both the Wolf and Dog existed. Humans Hunted and Gathered slowly some settled and built communities…Dogs followed the easy meals. The ancestor of the dog scavenged the camp sites effectively cleaning up any waste. For many generations candids shadowed humans and slowly, humans overcame their fear of the wild things by befriending them.

Many more generations passed and family lines developed together.Evolution branched out when more brave and friendly canids hooked-up with Humans.  Those that could tolerate humans ate better,  produced more offspring and were more ‘successful’. Canids who were not so friendly stuck to themselves and became today’s wolves. Canines, based on the type of work their human counter parts needed, evolved with each generation and todays breeds emerged.


Village Dog Genetic Diversity Project at Cornell University

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