Dog Food Demystified

How to choose the best pet food to for a long and healthy life?

Are you confused about pet food?  Where do we start? This is the first of a series of articles to answer your questions and demystify dog food.

The next article will discuss Canine Physiology and their historic relationship with humans…How does a dogs digestion function. What is different about a dogs digestion compared to a human? What foods are dangerous to dogs?

Historically what does a dogs diet look like? Man and Dogs have lived as companions for 33000-100000 years, what were they eating then?

Finally I will investigate the current ingredients and methods of food processing pet food. Have you been following GMO crops? The crops are relevant because I noticed the waste is listed as ingredients in your dog food.

Sugar Beet and Corn are the top two most common. Have you wondered why so many of our pets are suffering from tumors and disease? Maybe they are “the canary in the coal mine”? With our understanding Dog Physiology and the facts about Commercial Dog Food we will know how to wade through the advertisements and make informed choices.

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