DOG FOOD DEMYSTIFIED Part 1: Dog vs Human, Anatomy and Physiology


Anatomy & Physiology Carnivore Omnivore
THE MOUTH Hinged jaw (up&down) Up, down & side to side
Teeth Sharp Fangs Blunt Teeth & Molars
Jaws Ripping & Tearing Chew and Grind:
Digestion starts in the mouth.
Chemistry Lubrication: No Salivary Enzymes
Lysozyme is an enzyme that destroys harmful bacteria.
Salivary Amylase (Digestive Enzyme)
Carbohydrate digestion happens here.
Esophogus Regurgitation is a natural
function when pieces of food are too large for the stomach to handle.
ONE STOMACH Digestion starts in the stomach. Digestion started in the mouth.
Stomach: Gastric juices hydrochloric  acid PH 1-2*very stong
for digestion of
meat, bones and fat.
Food leaves the stomach after 3-4 hours.
hydrochloric  acid PH 5
and pepsin
Protein and fat digestion happens here.
Pancreas, Gall Bladder
and Liver Enzymes
smaller role larger role
Small Intestine Shortest digestion system
of mammals, about 4-6x the length of the animal.
Little or No Digestion of carbohydrates!
No enzymes to digest cellulose.
Additional enzmes complete digestion.
Digested nutrients are absorbed into the blood stream.
Small Intestine: 20 feet (6 meters)
Fat digestion happens here.
Digestion of any remaining carbohydrates & proteins with additional enzymes.
Large Intestine Excretion takes 8-9 hours Excretion takes 12-24 hours
Vitamin K, B-12, biotin, pyridoxine and folic acid are made here.
So we can see some big differences between Canine vs Human Anatomy & Physiology:
A dogs jaw is designed to rip and tear large chunks of meat.
Dogs do not have the enzymes needed to digest cellulose and carbohydrates.
A humans jaw is designed to chew and grind. Salivary Amylase acts to digest carbohydrates.
In Dogs digestion starts in the stomach: A dog has very strong stomach acid that can digest meat, bones and bacteria.
In Humans digestion begins in the mouth: Human stomach acid is less acidic than in dogs.
Carnivores have the shortest digestive tracts, Herbavores have the longest.

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