Communing with Crows

I parked the car and got out; coffee in one hand, sandwich in the other, I noticed a crow. I walked along the path that runs along the side of the cliff, the crow followed me and like leap frog, we made our way to a spot I liked. I considered the crows behavior,  I suppose that it could smell my sandwich. As a reward I gave it afew crumbs of bread. An elusive bird whos name i do not know, made an appearance for some crumbs and I was delighted. It’s a darling little creature about double the size of a chicadee that scampers through the undergrowth of the cliffs. I finished my sandwich and walked a little farther, an Eagle let out 3 screetches,  the crow flew ahead and waited for me. I looked up and smiled, thanking the Eagle for being there. I decided not to stare at it and met up with the crow. I sat on a bench, The crow stood on a rock, we observed one another. It occured to me to do something it could relate to. I very deliberately pulled the elastic out of my hair and let it loose. I ran my fingers through it to get the tangles out. The crow stretched out one leg and made a groaning noise. I kept running my fingers through my hair, letting the wind blow through it. The crow puffed out his chest feathers making itself look large and shook its’ head. I tilted my head back and shook my head as he did, he looked at me, blinked and flew away.  I wonder what I said to make him take off so quick? We were getting along so well.

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