Food; Sustinance or Sacred?

Food is sacred, to some of us. We value time with loved ones around the dinner table. Familiar smells from the kitchen evoke vivid memories reconnecting us with the past. Our food is more than our sustenance it is the thing that ties us all together, through time.

Since the 1980’s our main crops have been systematically ‘genetically modified’, corrupted, manipulated and sold to us. In fact, it was deliberately kept on the down-low. Somehow, somewhere along the way we lost our Right to choose, our Right to be informed, our Right to safety.

All these Rights and more are ours to Claim as citizens of a democratic society. Despite legislative bodies to protect Citizens, despite endeavours to uphold these Consumer Rights, the hoodwinking continues.  A  healthy diet includes foods grown in nutrient rich soil with clean water. It supports local entrepeneurs, ethical treatment of animals and sustainable agriculture practices.  An informed ‘consumer’ is a healthy person.

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