Do we care where our food comes from?

 Thoughts on The Globe and Mail episode: Part 1: Do we care where our food comes from?

Canada is slipping in global markets, why? The Canadian dollar is strengthening therefore our market share is dropping. How do Canadian Farmers compete in World markets? What will markets pay a premium for? For Farmers to be successful they need to cater to a Premium Market and not aim to be the lowest-cost producer. Agriculture products must exceed international standards. What current practices undermine our ability to export this commodity? It’s time to innovate and lead with ‘glowing hearts’. For Canada to thrive in the world market it makes sense to support sustainable, organic practices.

Video Link

Research and Links

Journal of Farm Economics Vol 49,#5 , (Dec 1967) pp 1351-1354

Canadian Wheat Board- Organics Sector Marketing Initiative


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